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The size and length of IPGC drainage pipe that is needed to get a job done depends on several factors.  Without question, the biggest consideration is the amount of runoff that will have to be captured and conveyed by your system or drainage control device.  If you would like a determination on the amount of flow your system will need to catch and convey, please download the Flow Determination Request, which is available in Microsoft Excel format or PDF Format.  A determination fee of $50.00 will be required prior to processing the request.  The results of the flow determination and installation options will be provided immediately after processing and are therfore not contingent upon whether or not a product order is made.  Payments for this service are accepted only via PayPal and should be sent to the following email address: agster97@gmail.com.  Please note that the information you provide will be used by us to estimate the pipe sizes required for your system. We may need to contact you after receiving the request to verify that the information you have provided is logical and describes the geographical layout of the area contributing runoff to your system.

Download MS Excel Version of Flow Determination Request
Download PDF Version of Flow Determination Request

If you are not sure about some of the answers you give, make sure you indicate in your return email which answers you are not confident with.  This will help us to provide more conservative estimates.

If you download the MS Excel version, first save a copy of the request worksheet on your computer.  Then, open your copy, read the questions, provide the answers, and save it again.  Lastly, email the completed request worksheet to us at tlr@agrateconcept.com.  If you downloaded the .PDF version, write the answers down in a simple notepad or word file. Please provide the question number before your answer and then save it.  Lastly, email it to us at tlr@agrateconcept.com.  Please note that the answers you send to us will be used verbatum to make the estimate.  Otherwise, we will provide feedback that the information provided to us was insufficient (and why) to provide an estimate.  We will attend to your request as promptly as possible.  As mentioned, our estimate will be based solely on the information you provide us with because we cannot verify any of it at this point in time.

Since drainage pipe installation slopes are typically less than 10% grade, we have provided a table that shows the conveyable flowrates for the 3, 4, 6, 8, & 12" diameters when installed at slopes from 0.25% up to 10.0%.  The flowrates provided in the conveyance table assume that the pipe is unpressurized and therefore functioning as an open channel.  The Conveyance Table and the IPGC Performance Curves provide the information needed to estimate the conveyance pipe size, the IPGC pipe size, and the length of IPGC pipe needed.  The flow area provided by the open slits increases with larger lengths and larger pipe sizes.  If you already know (or have a pretty good idea) of how much flow needs to be captured, go ahead and download the Conveyance Table, IPGC Performance Curves, and the IPGC Size and Length Determination example.  The example determination goes through and explains the process of figuring out what pipe sizes lengths are needed.  If further assistance is needed to obtain an estimate of the conveyance pipe size and/or the required IPGC capture pipe size and length, please email us the filled out determination request at tlr@agrateconcept.com.   We are not in any way attempting to design drainage systems for those interested in this product and aim to provide accurate estimates for pipe size requirements only.  If detailed drainage analysis is necessary to determine the needs of your specific project, please consult with a licensed professional engineer in your state who is qualified to provide or ascertain the needed data or information.


We look forward to assisting you with making your project a success!

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