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Hunt Methodist Church
Hunt, Texas

Existing Conditions

Photos 1a-1d below show an existing church portable building with an adjacent low area that had no drainage relief.  The low area was innundated during significant rainfall events.  With proper drainage devices and/or sloped landscaping in place, this saturated condition can be greatly minimized. The photos seen below were taken a few hours after a fairly heavy thunder storm had occured. 

Photo 1a

Existing Trailer Building

Photo 1b

Photo 1c

Photo 1d


Please observe photos 1d-1g.

The IPGC Box and a joint or two of Schedule 40 PVC provides a cost effective solution for this scenario. The installation consisted of digging a trench (Photo 1d) and laying in a Schedule 40 PVC drain pipe beneath the building.  The pipe was installed with a moderate slope to drain away from the local sump.  An IPGC Box was installed as a sump inlet & grate (Photo 1e) and then connected to the drain pipe.  The IPGC Box was then embedded in 1/2" diameter gravel (Photo 1f).  The new drainage pipe was daylighted on the opposite side of the portable building (Photo 1g).

Photo 1d

Photo 1e

Photo 1f

Photo 1g

Finished Installation

Photos 1h - 1m below show the finished product prior to finished landscaping.

Photo 1h

Photo 1i

Hunt, Texas
Local Residence

Existing Conditions

A portion of a homeowner's roof and a fair amount of driveway runoff were draining via a small channel to an existing grate inlet as shown below in photos 2a & 2b.  The discharge pipe leading out of the drain was severely clogged and had been renedered ineffective.  The appearance of the channel and inlet next to the driveway was not pleasing to the owner who was looking for a cost-effective solution.  The existing improvements were removed to allow for the IPGC installation to take place.

Photo 2a

Photo 2b

Photo 2c

Photo 2d

Photo 2e

Photo 2f


The photos below show the installation of the IPGC from the roof drain connection down to the discharge point.  The roof downspout was tied in to the upper end of the IPGC system as noticed in the first photo.  The open slits were installed upwards to allow for driveway runoff to readily flow into the tops of the slits.  The installation did not require the use of any gas-operated machinery and was completed with  two people in a just a few hours time.

Photo 2g

Photo 2h

Photo 2i

Photo 2j

Photo 2k

Photo 2l

Photo 2m

Photo 2n

Photo 2o

Photo 2p

Finished Installation

The finished IPGC installation photos below show that a more natural landscaped appearance was acheived from the downspout to the discharge point than seen in the existing condition.  The low impact installation benefits of the IPGC make it an excellent alternative for fitting or retro-fitting in residential  or commercial areas with localized drainage issues.  The IPGC eliminates the need for grate inlets and catch basins entirely in situations such as this.

Photo 2q

Photo 2r

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