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The IPGC drainage pipe is an innovative, unique, and multi-tasking drainage product designed to capture and convey stormwater. Having the unique ability to function as either a surface Trench Drain or French Drain pipe, the IPGC is in itself an effective grate inlet, catch basin, and storm drain. When IPGC drainage pipe is joined in series, the result is a proficient drainage system that is simpler to install and significantly less costly than typical french drains and storm drains.

As for product performance, the IPGC drainage pipe is more effective than a typical French Drain for capturing and conveying lawn drainage, yard drainage, landscape drainage, and other developed runoff. This is because the IPGC has an extraordinary ability to capture stormwater. The abundant open area provided by the concentrated open slit pattern allows for this optimization. When installed as a Trench Drain or French Drain, the IPGC will capture and convey significantly more stormwater than a standard perforated pipe. The
IPGC drainage pipe is currently manufactured with Schedule 40 PVC, joins easily in series, and will connect to standard sections of the same drainage pipe material with the proper fittings.

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